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Hiroki Marketing International, LLC


South Bay Tower
21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite #500
Torrance CA, 90503 USA







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Hiroki Marketing International, LLC is a Limited Liability Company providing marketing consulting services. The company was founded by Mr. Hiroki Shinkai who has over thirteen years experience working in marketing, sales and management for large corporations.

Mr. Shinkai's area of expertise and experience is working with Japanese and American companies that do business internationally. For this reason, the Company will focus on businesses and business people that have operations in both Japan and the United States.

For example, the clients may be Japanese businesses that want to expand to the U.S. Japanese nationals who want to start a new business in the U.S., or American companies that want to expand to Japan. The size of these companies can range from start-ups to established firms.


Who is Hiroki Shinkai?

Mr. Shinkai started to work at one of the biggest Japanese retail company after he graduated at a University in Japan. He had worked for ten years as a marketing specialist & salesman. Meanwhile, sales of existing products as well as experience and participation in new products launch projects for clients. There were a lot of successful cases and have lots of experience. Afterwards, he participated in an international business program in Washington, D.C. to acquire an international way of thinking. He worked at the headquarters in the marketing section after he went back to Japan. He was in charge of reorganizing existing products and development of new products. Moreover, he joined a business start-up with an enterprise in the United States and gained experience as a person in charge. He quit this company in 2005. After that, he learned marketing at a business school at Washington State. He worked in the company of the marketing specialty afterwards. The company introduced client products in the United States and all around the world; he was in charge of the Japanese market. He implemented suggestions from the Japanese customers and started marketing strategies for his company. He learned the differences of the technique of the marketing business. The difference of the marketing strategy is felt strongly, He proposed the strategy for a Japanese customer, and executed it. Afterwards, he went back to Japan and then he came back to start his new company. Hiroki Marketing International is established in 2010. It arrives now.