The companies that Hiroki Marketing International is targeting will be at one of three different stages of maturity and we will have specialized programs for each stage.

The three main types of clients the Company will focus on, based on stage of business maturity, are as follows:

・Clients who want to start, or recently started, a business in the U.S. and need help getting it off the ground (New Businesses)
・Clients with an existing business that has revenue but they need help growing their business and taking it to the next level (Existing Businesses)
・Clients with an existing successful business locally but who want to expand their business globally. This means Japanese companies in Japan expanding to the U.S. and/or American companies expanding to Japan (Global Businesses)



For people who recently started, or are about to start, a new business Hiroki Marketing International can help them get started on the right track. Being efficient with the limited funds most start-ups have is very important. For best results we need to work with the client over a period of several months to ensure progress is being made. With that in mind Hiroki Marketing International has a program that is flexible and affordable.



In addition to helping clients who recently started a business, Hiroki Marketing International also helps existing companies that need some help to improve their business to advance to the next level. They might have great products, facilities, people, clients, but somehow they are not marketing or managing the business well. Hiroki Marketing International will review the customer’s existing marketing strategy and work with the client to figure out what is working and what is not. Once the analysis is done, Hiroki Marketing International will work with the client to adjust the existing marketing plan or just create a new one from scratch.
Clients who are in need of Hiroki Marketing International’s services are usually experiencing the following symptoms:

・Declining sales
・Missing financial targets
・business is losing money even when competitors are doing well



Mr. Shinkai’s marketing and business experience both in Japan and the U.S., as well as his bi-lingual language abilities, put him in a unique position to help companies that want to expand internationally. A couple of the most difficult obstacles clients face when expanding overseas are the cultural and language differences.
Customs, traditions and mannerisms are very different in Japan than those in the U.S. so it is vital to work with someone who understands these differences. When marketing to another culture, you must be certain that words, symbols or even colors are not used in an insulting or impolite fashion.
Hiroki Marketing International’s global services are ideal for businesses that are:

・Experiencing growth in market share and income in their domestic market and are eager to expand internationally.
・Planning to introduce Japanese products, services or ideas into the U.S. market.
・Uncertain about the growth potential in their home market and looking for expansion opportunities overseas.
・Looking for new markets to sell their products/services in or to find a source of new products to sell domestically.

If you are thinking about starting new business between the US and Japan, or reviewing your existing business, please talk to Hiroki Marketing International!